Smoke hookah under a full moon, at all times.

   The Oasis Hookah Lounge and Cafe has the widest selection of quality Shisha on the east coast!

130 Flavors of Shisha, with New Offerings All the Time!

   Walk on in, or call and make a reservation to spend time in our comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

The Oasis Hookah Lounge and Cafe
53 South Potomac Street, Hagerstown, MD


   When's the last time you had a good hookah? Because it looks like you could use one.

   Come on in to the Oasis - alone, or with friends - and enjoy our gourmet smoothies and milkshakes with your hookah. We also have sodas and ice tea, but come on... that's boring in comparison to a mango smoothie!

   Our Rhapsody-powered Jukebox lets you and yours relax to your own choice of music.

   Got some work to do on your lunch break? Free wireless broadband is avaliable for all customers!

We're Open:

Monday - Thursday :
12 pm to 12 am
Friday & Saturday :
12 pm to 2 am
Sunday :
5 pm to 12 am

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